Weather Links

The weather is critical to planning any passage, and understanding the forecast is an important skill for any skipper. There are many different sources for weather data and forecast models. Whilst short term forecasting is excellent these days, none are totally infallible and it often pays to look at several different sources: - all the latest shipping, inshore and extended forecasts plus pressure charts - Useful site for planning longer passages - An excellent source for grib weather data files - European Centre for medium range forecasts - Easy to use 6-day cross country forecast - Detailed forecast for specific locations - Seven day wind forecasts - Forecasts for the Channel Islands area - French coastal forecast site - Spanish coastal forecasts - Italian coastal forecasts - Portugese coastal forecasts - Mediterranean Wave Forecast (WAM) - North Atlantic Wave Forecast - Current weather reports for the Solent - Another useful real time forecasting site - Free tidal info from the UK Hydrographic Office