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What people say about us....

We delivered a Nicholson 35 from Brixham to Denmark with the Danish owners, J&JBL, on board. He said:

My wife and I, who are not the most experienced sailors, bought a 43-year-old Nicholsson 35 in the southwestern part of UK in September 2017. A few months before we had seen YachtMover's advertisement in Yachting Monthly. We needed a delivering skipper and one crew member who could assist us with both the preparation and practical sailing across the North Sea to the yacht’s new home port in Denmark.

Glenn arranged that Paul could sail with us from the UK and together they delivered the most outstanding preparations and the most professional safe sailing we could hope for. Just what we needed. Glenn and Paul were great company too.

Delivery - Nic 35 in the Baltic

As soon as we contacted YachtMowers, one could sense the professional skill and dedication. Questions and considerations were answered promptly in the very best way - from the beginning we felt absolutely sure that we had chosen just the right skipper for the task.

We can give YachtMovers our very best and warmest recommendation.

We delivered a Rustler 37 from Southampton to Rhu for JB, a Master Mariner. He said:

I approached YachtMovers, as a random choice from advertisements in Yachting Monthly and as a first step in getting comparative quotes from more than one service provider. The quality of the response gave me confidence in YachtMovers' professionalism, which was subsequently more than justified.

The anticipated costs were acceptable, transparent and as firm as could reasonably be expected in view of several significant uncertainties. I decided to look no further.

Delivery - Rustler 36

The delivery skipper had a moving target to cope with in the ocean transport vessel's inevitable changes of ETA and he needed to be absolutely certain of being able to collect the yacht within a narrow, but moveable time scale after arrival. He had previously relieved me of the problem of finding a berth near Southampton at reasonable cost and availability before the main passage to Scotland. This was an enormous help.

Despite problems on passage with the autopilot, I was never in any doubt that the yacht was in good hands.

We delivered an Elizabethan 29 from Totnes to Rochester with the owner, SW, on board. He said:

I learnt a lot from Glenn who was brilliant and frankly had stamina that I could not hope to match. I cannot recommend Glenn highly enough and would happily sail with him again. Having him there for the trip allowed me to experience a different form of sailing and live to sail another day. Hopefully he had a good experience despite the cold and lack of sleep. I will be putting the experience to good use over the summer. Thanks again for arranging it and pass on my best to Glenn who was fantastic.

We delivered a Nauticat 33 from Northern Ireland to Falmouth with the owner, JS, on board. He said:

My wife and I recently bought a 30 year old Nauticat 33 in Northern Ireland, with the intention of bringing the boat back to our home port in Portsmouth on our own.

Delivery - Nauticat 33 in Falmouth

I have a few years experience in sailing, but my wife has only really experienced boating from the "dark side" - namely power boating. Indeed we spent a glorious 4 months last year on a Bavaria 360 power boat, going down to La Rochelle, so we were not concerned about the distance or time involved bringing the Nauticat back from Ireland.

However, we do have a German Shepherd, who demands that she is allowed ashore each evening to do her "business". Fair enough, we can understand that, and therefore move from marina to marina when on our boating trips. Unfortunately, there are no marinas along the north coast of Somerset, Devon & Cornwall, so our poor pooch would be in dire need.

To sail 24/7 straight down the Irish Sea, with just the two of us, on an unfamiliar boat, which had been laid up in a barn, derigged, and only launched the day before we picked her up, was not a plan I wanted to sell to "senior management" - my wife loves me, but probably not that much!!

Enter Glenn, who I found just by chance trawling the internet, and whose website clearly laid out what options were available in terms of engaging his services. By now my wife and I had agreed it would be best if I and a couple of sailing mates would bring the boat back, and she and the dog would remain back at the Shepherd residence, until we reached Falmouth.

After a chat on the phone to Glenn to explain this plan, it was agreed, that an "Assisted Passage" arrangement was what I needed to bring the boat back to Falmouth. This Glenn estimated would take 3 days non-stop sailing from Strangford Lough where we would collect the boat, and that he would send a questionnaire for me to complete, showing which kit the boat was equipped with, and whether it reached suitable standards.

It is important to understand that "Delivery Skippers" have to ensure the safety of the crew and the integrity of the boat before they accept the responsibility of bringing a boat from one port to another. This was again clearly demonstrated on the day Glenn arrived at the boat, whereupon he carried out a very intensive inventory check, to ensure not only was a particular item there, but also that it functioned properly, this was very reassuring, given that we were about to spend the next 48 hours or so, crossing the Irish Sea.

The checks even included confirming that the dates on the flares were in date, (We found the original owners flares dated expiry 2012!!), fortunately I had purchased a new Coastal set.

Glenn then explained to us the voyage plan, which originally was to leave Strangford Lough and motorsail non-stop to Falmouth, but a large deep depression had arrived around Lands End and up to the Bristol Channel areas. The weather predictions were F7 at just about the time we would arrive off Lands End.

So the decision was taken, based on the fact we had an unknown boat which had only just been launched & rigged after 6 months in a barn, to stop over for one night in Howth and Arklow on the east coast of Ireland. This would allow the storm to pass through, and give us decent weather when we reached Lands End and on to Falmouth.

This plan worked perfectly, allowing boat & crew to settle in before the 36 hour non-stop push from Arklow, arriving safely in Falmouth, just one day later than anticipated.

So if you are in the position of having to move a boat and would like the reassurance of a "Delivery Skipper" I can fully recommend Glenn as the man for the job.

We delivered an Oyseter 47 from Poros in Greece to the Solent for the owner, KD. He said:

Delivery - Oyster 47

I am extremely happy with the service Glenn and his team have provided in bringing my yacht back to the UK from Greece. I found Glenn extremely easy to work with, he took the greatest care of my yacht and found practical and inexpensive solutions to the technical issues that inevitably come up on such a long trip, and he delivered my yacht undamaged and completely clean. I thoroughly recommend him to any owner who needs a delivery service.

We delivered a Fisher 34 from Alicante to Falmouth with the owner, John, on board. He said:

Delivery - Fisher 34

Glenn, his colleague and myself moved my boat back from Alicante to the UK in Jun 2018. Glenn was clearly a very experienced and professional sailor, totally focussed on the delivery, dealt with any problems that arose and was happy to share his knowledge and experience along the way. One felt safe with him as skipper. I now see, for the first time, exactly what the boat can do. I have no hesitation in recommending Yachtmovers.

We delivered an Island Trader 40 (Motor Sailor) from Crete to London safely, despite difficulties with the yacht. The new owner, NB, said:

Delivery - Tradewinds 40

Richard and Glenn brought my 30 year old Island Trader 40 home to London from Greece despite an engine fire and problems with the sails. They managed to fix my boat, sort out the paperwork and get her safely back to England before winter set in, without breaking the bank.

We delivered a 42' Southerly from Southampton to Faro with the owner, NR, on board. He said:

Yachtmovers have just delivered my 42ft yacht from the Solent to Faro on the Portuguese Algarve. Their reply to my enquiry was prompt, comprehensive and the most professional out of the firms that replied.

The trip was complicated by nets around the prop and an engine problem that held us in northern Spain for three days. YachtMovers went out of their way to minimise the delay charges, and the boat was cleaned and tidied on arrival.

The delivery skipper was not only professional and gave me a lot of tuition through out the trip but also went over the back in the middle of Biscay when the prop fouled which is above and beyond normal service! I would recommend Yachtmovers as the service they provide is first class and reasonably priced.

We delivered a Moody 31 from Troon to Conway, providing RYA training for JA-L and his family. He said:

Glenn's training, advice and support for me and my sons (aged 14 and 11) during the week were invaluable. I feel much more able to handle the yacht following Glenn's advice including how to rig the cruising chute.

Delivery - Moody 31

We provided some Own Boat Tuition on a Bavaria 36 in the South West for J&DB. They said:

We would highly recommend Glenn for those looking for own boat tuition. As a husband and wife team, our experience and needs were quite different but Glenn's calm and thorough approach gave us confidence right from the start. The instruction was continuously reinforced in a very informative way over 5 days and our confidence has grown enormously making us much better sailors. Glenn was professional from start to finish (and makes perfect bacon rolls), there is no doubt that we will definitely be back for more.

We provided a skipper for PM and his family to enable them to cruise further afield:

Spinnaker up and cruising

We were clearly really happy with our cruise last August, around the French coast and Channel Islands, as we did it again in October. We asked for long sailing days to build our experiences and qualifying miles as well as interesting harbours. Those things we were given of course, but we got a great deal more, not least in terms of knowledgeable teaching, great companionship and really good fun! I thoroughly recommend Glenn and am happy to be contacted to talk some more about how much we appreciated our time with him - PM Contact details available.