Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make dealing with YachtMovers as clear and straightforward as possible and to ensure that there are no nasty surprises at any point in the process. To do this, we have made lots of information, including this FAQ, available for download from our web site. If there is anything that you don't understand, please just ask.

What is an Assisted Passage?

If you want to sail your yacht yourself but don't have the experience or confidence, then our Assisted Passage can help you. This offers the opportunity to have our highly experienced skipper / instructor sail with you, for some or all of a passage. This can be a great learning and confidence building experience, with one to one tuition on your own yacht. You can choose what you want to do and the pace at which you want to go and we will be there to support you along the way.

Can I get training and RYA or ICC certification from YachtMovers?

We can offer bespoke training on your yacht either dedicated, focused training time or as part of an Assisted Passages. We can also offer more formal training and certification through our relationship with Hamble School of Yachting, one of the UK's premier RYA Recognised Training Centres. This can include RYA sail training solutions on your own yacht.

What's the process for booking an Assisted Passage?

We hope you will find YacthMovers very straightforward to work with. We will help you through the process but the following outlines the key steps you can expect to follow:

1. Contact us with your requirements. You can email us at, call us on +447919017835 or complete the quote request form on our web site. If you are unsure about anything, talk to us first, we can offer helpful, no obligation, advice. This can often save you money and stress.

2. We will provide a detailed quote, with pricing and availability clearly spelled out.

3. If you are happy with the quote and wish to book, we will provide a Letter of Agreement (LoA) for you to sign and return, together with paying a deposit.

4. We will return a countersigned copy of the LoA to you to confirm your booking

5. If flights or other travel bookings are required, we do this asap to ensure that we get the best value solution.

6. We will ask you provide some basic information and details of the yacht equipment inventory, to enable us to prepare for the passage. We provide simple templates to identify the information required.

7. Payment of the balance is required 5 weeks before the passage start date.

What are the costs of the Assisted Passage and what's included / excluded?

The cost is made up of 3 components:

Assisted Passage Fee - The cost of a professional skipper / instructor.

Crew Travel Costs – The cost of transport for the skipper and, if required, crew to and/or from the vessel (details will be specified in the quote/LoA). These are estimates, based on the use of the cheapest reasonable transport available.

Passage Costs - These are the costs incurred on the passage, such as provisioning, fuel, port fees, any repairs necessary en route, etc. On an Assisted Passage, as the owner is on board, these costs would be met by them directly.

Crew Travel Costs are estimated and a deposit is required to cover these. At the end of the passage a full reconciliation is provided and unused funds are returned.

We do not charge additional VAT on our prices.

How does the Assisted Passage Fee work?

We use a standard day rate to calculate the Asissted Passage Fee, which is just based on the number of days required. An estimate would be agreed at the outset. If additional days are required, an addition fee is paid, if less days are required, then the unused days are refunded (up to 20% of days booked).

How does Own Boat Training and RYA certification work?

Informal training is included within the standard costs of an Assisted Passage. You can choose how much training you want and this may impact on the length of the passage, but that is simply reflected in the number of days paid for.

For RYA training or ICC certification, additional days will need to be set aside for the training. These will be contracted separately, directly with the sea school. That way, you get the reassurance that you are getting genuine, high quality RYA certified training.

What deposit do I need to provide and when do I need to make payments?

To secure the agreed date, we require a deposit to be paid within 5 days of booking. The deposit consists of 25% of the Assisted Passage Fee plus 50% of the Travel Expense deposit. We ask for the travel expense to be provided early in the process so that we can book necessary flights etc as soon as we can. This ensures that we obtain the optimum low cost fares wherever possible.

We require the remaining balance to be paid four weeks before the start date.

What equipment does the Yacht need to have?

You need to ensure that the yacht is seaworthy, suitably equipped for the intended passage and ready for sailing on the agreed joining date. It should have a fully serviced life raft, a full fuel tank, and all necessary safety equipment in place and in date. The equipment required will depend upon the specific passage being undertaken but you can find guidance on this in our minimum equipment document on our web site. More information can be found on the RYA web site and in the RYA Boat Safety Handbook (G103).

Prior to the passage starting, we will ask you to provide an inventory of the yacht's equipment. This usually enables us to resolve any issue early on, avoiding delays and extra costs on embarkation. You can also find our Inventory Questionnaire on our web site. If in doubt, do talk to us before purchasing new equipment.

What documentation does the yacht need?

This will depend upon the passage being undertaken. For international passages original documentation will required onboard, for example registration, insurance, proof of ownership and VAT payment, ships radio license etc. Other documentation will depend upon location. For example, some countries request translations of insurance certificates. Specific permits may be required in some areas. When we provide the passage plan, we will discuss the documentation requirements with you. This is also covered in our minimum equipment document on our web site.

What is YachtMovers availability / lead time like?

Availability will vary across the year. Please be aware that there are particularly busy periods for all delivery companies at the start and end of the sailing season. If you are seeking an Assisted Passage in the April-June time or September-October, we would strongly recommend early booking.

Being a small, personal business, means that we are often able to be flexible on dates. We want to maintain the highest quality standards, so we don't over commit ourselves and our diary is very straightforward. The best thing to do is to get in contact as soon as you know when you might want the Assisted Passage, and we can let you know straight away about our availability.

Who insures the Yacht?

The Owner will need to provide comprehensive hull and all risks insurance to cover the yacht for the whole passage. The owner is ultimately responsible for the Yacht at all times, even with the YachtMovers skipper / instructor is onboard.

Who will my YachtMovers skipper be?

If you book a YachtMovers Assisted Passage, then this will be provided by Glenn Smallcombe. He is a highly experienced, commercially endorsed, YachtMaster Ocean, so you know that your yacht will be in the best of hands. Glenn has also spent many years as a RYA YachtMaster Instructor, so you can rely on getting excellent training too.

Why should I choose YachtMovers?

YachtMovers is different from most commercial yacht delivery companies. We don't employ freelance skippers and we're not building a large scale, impersonal delivery business. For us, profit isn't the driving motive, love of sailing is at the heart of what we do. We enjoy helping people get the best out of sailing and we are passionate about providing the very best standard of professional service. So we will go the extra mile to ensure that you don't just complete the passage safely but that you get a great experience throughout when you deal with YachtMovers.

Where can I find the YM terms and conditions?

We want to be as open and transparent as possible so, as well as sending you a copy of our terms and conditions with the booking paperwork, you can also find them on our web site downloads page, along with all of our other documentation.

What if I have any other questions?

Our skipper has many thousands of miles sailing experience on many different kinds of yachts. We are very willing to share that experience and offer owners free, no obligation, advice before anything is booked. If you have any questions about any aspect of the yacht, her sailing capabilities, equipment to be fitted, or any other aspect of the proposed passage, please don't hesitate to ask.